Do you need:

  • bespoke and secure web & intrAnet applications or static homepages (Django, Python, PHP, XHTML, AJAX) or
  • a specific scraper/robot/cronjob? (Python, sh)
  • a module for eGroupWare, osCommerce, SMF, WordPress or other open-source solutions?
  • somebody to wash Your dishes?

If so, feel free to contact me.

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scripts, plugins, snippets


Simple Pidgin plugin, which gets a random line form file and changes status message after given interval. For further info navigate here.
source [perl]

Simple wordlist generator

Easy & dirty wordlist generator (f.e for brute force attacks) which outspeeds classical WG perl script.
source [python]

Mercurial hooks library

Collection of Mercurial hooks.
source [python]


Ara is a bot for reposting replies to your accounts on Twitter
source [python]


A simple Flickr CLI uploader, which allows you to upload all photos from current directory. Supports tagging, concurrent uploads and tracks upload history (so you can run it multiple times on same directory uploading just hot new stuff).
source [python]


Emery is a simple wrapper on top of requests, pyquery, beautifulsoup and tablib which simplifies basic web page scraping.
source [python]


Webmentpyne is a simple web interface for Clementine player using MPRIS2 interface via D-Bus. It allows you to control Clementine (or f.e. Rhythmbox, Banshe, Amarok...) from your browser.
source [python]


Simple class to wrap parts MailChimp API.
source [python]


Simple web interface to check logged events in MongoDB
source [python]


Chcete mít archivu časopisu Respekt pěkně v teple na svém HDD? Na webovém rozhraní je to k uklikání…
source [python]source [js]


30 line CGI script to browse your Bazaar repos, getting branch/merge/push urls and check latest logs.
source [python] screenshot

even more monkey code


Sqlite driven commands database. Allows fast command adding, tagging, removing etc..
source [python]


Light wrapper for pastebin @ OpenPaste.org. Reads from stdin, file, klipper, xclip.
source [python]

Výluky MHD v Praze na Twitteru

Jednoduchý robot zveřejňující výluky MHD v Praze, Brně a Ostravě (!!!). Funguje také jako přeposílač avíz followerů (nehody, revizoři).
@mhdpraha, @mhdbrno, @mhdova

Bazaar precommit lint hooks

Check your Python, Ruby, PHP code for syntax error before commiting the code.
source [python]


Dummy events dumper (gigs, festivals etc..) for given location. Data mined from Last.fm
source [python]

BlindLeft & BlindRight

BlindLeft & BlindRight effect for script.aculo.us JavaScript framework
source [JavaScript]

Image slider

Image set slider with transitions effects, zooming with Lightbox. Based on Prototype. See demo here source [JavaScript & XHTML]

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